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Partners in Cost-Sharing

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers jointly manage and share costs associated with PSNERP.


Participating Organizations

PSNERP is a cooperative effort among multiple local, state, and federal government organizations; tribes; industries; and environmental organizations. The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife represents the local sponsors of the project. A list of agencies involved with PSNERP over its history is shown to the right.


PSNERP and Puget Sound Recovery

Restoring the health of Puget Sound will involve more than process-based restoration of the nearshore.  PSNERP’s work must be paired with efforts to address water quality, land use management, environmental contaminants, and stormwater among other issues.  The Puget Sound Partnership and the Action Agenda seek to recover Puget Sound by 2020 offering PSNERP an opportunity to coordinate its work with efforts to address these other environmental concerns.  PSNERP fills a vital role in the mission of the Puget Sound Partnership by strongly supporting habitat protection and restoration, salmon recovery, the maintenance of biodiversity, and building our capacity for action.

The Puget Sound Partnership is a Washington State agency established in 2007 and tasked with protecting and restoring Puget Sound. PSNERP and its teams serve as subject matter experts for nearshore protection and restoration strategies and priorities.  The Puget Sound Partnership incorporates PSNERP science and recommendations into their planning and monitoring efforts. Actions identified in the Action Agenda (the Puget Sound Partnership’s ecosystem management plan for Puget Sound) include completing the PSNERP feasibility study, implementing the restoration projects identified and designed by the PSNERP team, and relying on PSNERP’s analysis of “Strategies for Nearshore Protection and Restoration in Puget Sound” to inform broader recovery efforts.

Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife National Wildlife Federation

Northwest Straits Marine Conservation Initiative National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission Taylor Shellfish Farms

US Fish and Wildlife Service US Army Corps of Engineers

US Environmental Protection Agency University of Washington

People for Puget Sound King County

US Geological Survey Washington State Department of Natural Resources

US Department of the Navy Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Washington State Department of Ecology Pierce County

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Washington State Recreation and Conservation Office

The Nature Conservancy US Department of Energy

Washington Public Ports

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