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Chief of Engineers Report

A PSNERP Chief's Report was signed September 16, 2016 by the Army Corps' Chief of Engineers. The signing of a Chief's Reports makes PSNERP eligible for authorization in a future Water Resources Development Act. Once authorized, PSNERP is eligible to receive federal funding to advance restoration ideas beyond the conceptual level.

Final Feasibility Report and Environmental Impact Statement

The PSNERP Final Feasibility Report and Environmental Impact Statement is available on the Army Corps website here:

Ecosystem Output Model Documentation Report [June 2012]

Quantification of ecological benefits is accomplished typically through the application of a model. This report describes the model for evaluating potential achievement of restoration objectives for the PSNERP and how the model was developed. Through a collaborative effort, an interdisciplinary sub-group of the PSNERP team has created the PSNERP Ecosystem Output model described in this report.

Duwamish habitat work in final stage [July 30, 2009]
May 2008 Draft Puget Sound Future Scenarios
Program Accomplishments and Milestones
Response to Governor Gregoire's Five Charges for Puget Sound Recovery
Reconnaissance Study

This report is a preliminary analysis to determine if there is a federal government interest in pursuing a feasibility study related to ecosystem restoration in the nearshore environments of Puget Sound.

Technical Elements Scope of Work

The Technical Elements Scope of Work outlines the Nearshore Science Team's Scope of Work through the first three stages of the Puget Sound Nearshore Project. The Nearshore Science Team consists of regional experts and members of relevant scientific disciplines for the purpose of providing broad scientific guidance to the Nearshore Project.

Puget Sound Nearshore Partnership Work Plan

The Puget Sound Nearshore Partnership Work Plan builds upon the Project Management Plan to lay out the steps necessary for developing a Sound-wide nearshore ecosystem restoration plan. It describes three project stages:

1. Program and Tool Development

2. Strategic Needs Assessment

3. Restoration Plan Formulation The project is currently in Stage II, anticipated to be complete in September 2007. The Work Plan is intended to be a living document, updated periodically to reflect progress and improved understanding of project tasks. The current version is a June 2004 working draft.

Project Management Plan [PDF, 1 MB]

The Nearshore Project Management Team developed the Project Management Plan to plan, define, and manage the development and delivery of the products to be completed during the feasibility phase. With clearly defined work tasks, the Project Management Plan will provide the Nearshore Project Management Team with a basis for cost and schedule control of the feasibility study, as well as allow for efficient communication.

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