Project Identification

As part of a Corps General Investigation (GI) study, in addition to identifying problems in Puget Sound, PSNERP must also propose solutions.  PSNERP choose to use a list of nearshore restoration ideas generated by the broader restoration community as a starting point for potential solutions.  PSNERP evaluated over 700 project ideas in the nearshore.  Following the steps below, PSNERP arrived at 36 candidate projects that could begin to address problems in Puget Sound.  Conceptual designs were developed for these 36 projects and a subset will be advanced as PSNERP’s first portfolio of projects for the GI study.

Puget Sound beach

Next Steps

PSNERP will continue to use strategic guidance to identify future portfolios of protection and restoration actions and to work with project proponents to guide them towards appropriate funding opportunities.  Future portfolios can be created from the pool of known potential projects or new projects can be assembled to address specific needs and areas identified by PSNERP’s strategic guidance. PSNERP, in conjunction with ESRP (see side-bar), will help deliver the full suite of actions needed to strategically improve ecosystem processes in Puget Sound.

Why Restore?

Early restoration efforts have been encouraging, yet these efforts have been small compared to the widespread on-going environmental deterioration. A broad systematic approach to reverse and prevent the harm is needed. The next step is to understand conditions within the nearshore and what is causing the environmental problems.

Estuary and Salmon
Restoration Program (ESRP)

Estuary and Salmon Restoration Program

ESRP is grant program developed to help implement restoration and protection projects in the Puget Sound nearshore.

ESRP funds “early action” projects that are ready in a quicker timeframe than the larger and more complex projects that PSNERP will address.

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Puget Sound Nearshore Ecosystem Restoration Project
Updated July 2016