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Action Agenda
(Puget Sound Partnership)

Describes the current state of Puget Sound, prioritizes cleanup and improvement efforts, and highlights opportunities for federal, state, local, tribal and private resources to invest and coordinate. It is a living document, designed to be adapted and adjusted.

General Investigations Program
(U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, Civil Works, Seattle District)

This program allows the Corps of Engineers to address large-scale projects for a variety of water resources related issues

Puget Sound Nearshore Ecosystem Map
(WA Dept of Fish & Wildlife)

Web accessible map of spatial nearshore data.

Salish Sea Wiki
(Western Washington University)

User created website, with five kinds of pages, where ecosystem knowledge can be synthesized to improve conservation efforts.

Puget Sound River History Project 
(University of Washington, Department of Earth and Space Science)

Study of the historical landscape of Puget Sound's lowland rivers and estuaries

Washington State Coastal Atlas
(WA Dept of Ecology)

Provides coastal information (maps, shoreline pictures, beach access and closure information) for resource planning and management

Washington State ShoreZone Inventory
(WA Dept of Natural Resources)

Describes physical and biological characteristics of intertidal and shallow subtidal areas along Washington State 's saltwater shorelines

Funding Opportunities

Estuary and Salmon Restoration Program (ESRP)
(WA Dept of Fish & Wildlife)

Provides funding and technical assistance for nearshore restoration and protection efforts in Puget Sound.

National Coastal Wetlands Conservation Grant Program
(US Fish & Wildlife Service)

Provides grants to conserve and restore wetlands and their fish and wildlife habitat

Puget Sound Marine and Nearshore Protection and Restoration Grant Program
(WA Dept of Fish & Wildlife & WA Dept of Natural Resources)

Provides funding for ambitious and innovative actions that are consistent with the Puget Sound Action Agenda and produce measurable outcomes tied to 2020 Puget Sound marine and nearshore ecosystem recovery targets.

Salmon Recovery Grants
WA State Recreation and Conservation Office

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