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Strategies for Guiding Restoration and Protection Actions

With an overwhelming array of potential actions that can be taken to improve the health of Puget Sound’s nearshore, there was a need to develop a way to inform decision making about what to do and where.  PSNERP’s nearshore management approach employs four strategies that focus on:

Restoration Strategies

Each process unit in Puget Sound was evaluated across all four strategies and a preliminary recommendation for each strategy is made and displayed in color coded maps.  Assessments were made based on a process unit’s current degradation and potential for providing ecosystem goods and services.

Restoration Strategies

Strategy Recommendation Maps By Sub-basin

Map of Puget Sound Sub-basins

Sub-basin Maps
Whidbey San Juan Islands
North Central Puget Sound Strait of Juan de Fuca
South Central Puget Sound Hood Canal
South Puget Sound  

Strategies for Nearshore Protection and Restoration

Guiding Restoration Principles

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Updated July 2016
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