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PSNERP began in 2001 as a General Investigation (GI) study partnership between the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers with an express purpose to:

  • Evaluate significant ecosystem degradation in the Puget Sound Basin;
  • Formulate, evaluate, and screen potential solutions to these problems;
  • Recommend a series of actions and projects that have a federal interest and are supported by a local entity willing to provide the necessary items of local cooperation.

Once recommendations have been made, they will be included in a report to Congress requesting authorization to implement the recommendations. 

PSNERP teams initially worked to gather the data necessary to develop the science to support the study.  By 2009, study and analysis of the Puget Sound nearshore was largely complete. Using the results of the technical information and analyses, PSNERP can identify locations within Puget Sound as good places to do process-based nearshore restoration work.


Estuary and Salmon Restoration Program

In 2006, the Estuary and Salmon Restoration Program (ESRP) was established as a mechanism to implement “early-action” projects using PSNERP science and emerging guidance.  ESRP is a competitive grant program that fills a critical gap in helping to advance good nearshore restoration and protection projects that may not be a good fit for the Corps General Investigation through PSNERP.  Today, ESRP is an important piece of the nearshore ecosystem restoration puzzle and contributes to advancing the Action Agenda, salmon recovery, and the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife's conservation mission.


What’s In a Name?

Since its beginning in 2001, the Puget Sound Nearshore Ecosystem Restoration Project GI has attracted considerable attention and support from a diverse group of individuals and organizations interested and involved in improving the health of Puget Sound nearshore ecosystems and the biological, cultural, and economic resources they support. This larger group was called the Puget Sound Nearshore Partnership to describe this growing and diverse group and the work we will collectively undertake, which ultimately supports the goals of PSNERP but is beyond the scope of the GI study. However, to reduce confusion with other similarly named state agencies, we now informally call this larger group the Puget Sound Nearshore Project.  We understand that the mission of PSNERP remains at the core of the larger group.  However, restoration projects, information transfer, scientific studies and other activities can and should occur to advance our understanding and, ultimately, the health of the Puget Sound nearshore beyond the original focus and scope of the ongoing GI Study.  You will find our products and technical reports branded with a logo representing one of the above mentioned names.

a Grant Program?

PSNERP is not a grant program. It is a study that will develop products to strategically identify protection and restoration opportunities in Puget Sound. PSNERP, along with its partners, is committed to finding or creating funding sources to help implement projects.

The Estuary and Salmon Restoration Program (ESRP) was created by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife to fill this funding need as projects began emerging from the PSNERP process as “early action” opportunities.  ESRP offers grant opportunities every other year and uses PSNERP guidance when selecting projects to be funded.

Estuary and Salmon Restoration Program
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