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Before PSNERP could answer the question, “What actions should we take and where?”, a planning process needed to be followed to identify the problems facing Puget Sound and then development of PSNERP program objectives and strategies.

PSNERP’s planning process was guided by policies set forth by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for General Investigation (GI) studies.  Below are key tasks and products completed by PSNERP during the feasibility phase of the GI.

Guidance for Protection and Restoration of the Nearshore Ecosystems of Puget Sound Historical Change and Impairment

General Investigation

An Army Corps General Investigation addresses water resource related issues and includes three phases:

1. Feasibility
2. Planning, Engineering and Design
3. Construction

PSNERP is working to complete the first phase, produce a feasibility report, and get approval to continue to the next phase of the GI.

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Updated July 2016